About C.J.

From the moment Christopher J. Emerson set foot on stage at the tender age of 7 in Arthur Miller's "All My Sons," he was clearly imbued with an ineffable quality that effortlessly captivated audiences. By 8, he was already a street performer, juggler, and magician, touring across the United States. These were no mere childhood dalliances; at just 9, C.J. lent his voice to his first professional gig. Fast forward to today, and he's collaborated with top-tier clients like Google, Ford, and Disney, logging thousands of voiceover projects.

At just 13, C.J. was already captivating his hometown of Reno, NV, as the host of his own television talk show. This innate talent for connecting with people unfurled further when, by the age of 15, he had not only written and directed an award-winning theater piece but had also graced the stage in an eclectic range of plays and musicals. From Charles Dickens to Stephen Sondheim, William Shakespeare to Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Tennessee Williams to Oscar Wilde, his youthful foray into the arts was as expansive as it was telling. Further cementing his storytelling prowess, he later delivered a compelling TED Talk, captivating audiences far and wide.

C.J. is more than just a voiceover artist. He consistently ranks in the top echelons of the industry, delivering emotionally resonant work from his self-designed and self-constructed, professional, broadcast-quality recording studio. As an on-screen actor, his chameleon-like ability to adapt enables him to bring any script to life, capturing the essence of characters in a way that lingers long after the credits have rolled.

Not content to excel in traditional media, C.J. founded a technology startup specializing in groundbreaking new media software. This venture focused on creating immersive video experiences via cutting-edge virtual reality and augmented reality headsets and showcased his tech-savvy ingenuity and drive to innovate in the future of media.

C.J. is now at the helm of MetaVox, his latest tech endeavor poised to revolutionize the realm of audio and video editing. Using artificial intelligence's transformative power, MetaVox aims to disrupt traditional editing paradigms, rendering them as obsolete as silent films in a talkie world.

From Reno to Los Angeles, San Francisco to New York, Montreal to Casablanca and Amsterdam, and many points in between, C.J.'s life has been as vivid and dynamic as the roles he embodies, marked by an unrelenting drive and boundless imagination. With emotional agility that imbues his performances with authentic nuance, his journey is less about reaching for stardom and more about the inevitable unfolding of innate creativity.  The stage was set very early on, and it's abundantly clear that the performance, in all its dimensions, is still just getting started.