Get Paid BIG Without Lifting a Mic 🎙️
Earn a Whopping 40% Commission on Each Referral.
Revolutionizing the Voiceover Game - Be a Part of It! 🚀

Have you ever been enthralled by a voice in an unforgettable ad or game, wondering, 'What if I could profit from that'? Here's your golden ticket. Introducing a mind-blowing 40% commission for every gig you direct my way. This isn't just another offer—it's reshaping the voiceover industry.

Welcome to the:
'VO Referral Goldmine'
Where YOU Bag 40% on Every Gig You Connect!

Easy As 1-2-3

  • You Connect & Refer: Know someone who's in need of a top-tier voiceover artist? Maybe a business launching a new commercial, a marketing agency in need of a refresh, a game developer in need of new character voices, or a company seeking corporate presentation narration? Connect them to me!
  • I Crush It: The second that contract's locked, buckle up. I don't just 'do voiceovers.' I elevate brands, resonate messages, and shatter expectations—with a pro studio setup that's leagues beyond. You refer it, I'll make it iconic.
  • YOU Get Paid: No waiting, no complications. Once the project wraps up and payment settles, you receive a whopping 40% TAKE of the total contract amount. Just for making the connection!!

Why Partner With Me

  • Reputation of Excellence: With more than 20 years in the industry, voicing for brands like Google, Ford, McDonald's, Disney, and countless others, I don't just deliver voiceovers, I deliver brand experiences.
  • Speed & Efficiency: I pride myself on quick turnarounds, often delivering within hours without sacrificing quality, thanks to my professional recording studio pipeline.
  • End-to-End Services: From live sessions to full audio mastering, I handle it all, ensuring all clients have a seamless experience.
  • Pay It Forward Power: Two decades in the game, now I'm flipping the table. I got mine; it's your turn to cash in—no BS, just straight-up industry wealth-sharing.

Potential Earnings

Imagine referring a project that's billed at $2,000. Simply for making that connection, you pocket a cool $800. Now, think of all the businesses, creators, advertisers, game developers, and production companies you might know. The earning potential is enormous!!

This is an opportunity you don't want to miss. Start connecting, and let's prosper together.

You won't find this anywhere else in the VO game—40% referral kickbacks??? That's not just groundbreaking, it's industry-shattering. Get on board with the future of voiceover profitability, right here, right now!!


Let's team up!

🔥 Ready to rock & roll? Fill this out and let's make some VO magic happen. Questions? Fire away—let's do this!

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FAQ Yeah!

"How do you track the referrals?"

Don't worry; we're not stuck in the Stone Age. I 100% make sure connections are tracked so every new client you toss my way gets linked to you. Every. Single. Time. You'll be notified when the deal closes, payment settles, and the cash will be in your pocket faster than you can say, "I wish for my delish commish."


"Is there a cap on how many referrals I can make?"

Cap? What cap?! This isn't salary; this is commission. The sky's the limit. The more killer referrals you throw my way, the more you earn. Simple as that!


"What if the client I refer has multiple voiceover projects?"

You get a whopping 40% cut on the first project that comes from a new client you refer. Think of it as your finder's fee for introducing a gem to my client roster. Additional gigs won't count for the referral fee if the same client circles back for more. Your influence got them through the door, and that first project is where you cash in big!


"When do I get paid?"

Let's be clear—no payment, no payout. You get your 40% commission once the client's payment is fully settled by the payment processor and/or bank. No funny business. This is for everyone's protection.


"Is there a minimum contract amount?"

Straight talk—this is for meaningful partnerships and sizable projects. To get a piece of the pie, the minimum contract value must be $300. That puts at least $120 in your pocket for every successfully referred client. Fair deal, right?


"Do you ever refuse projects?"

My voice, my choice! I do hold the final say on which projects get my time and attention. The good news? If you're bringing quality gigs, it's a 'YES' nearly every time.


"Anything else I should know?"

All cards on the table—this is a partnership, not a handout. I'm laying down the chance of a lifetime. Trying something crazy new that I have never seen done before in my industry. Creative revenue sharing! Now, it's on you to seize it. So get out there and hustle. Let's make this paper together.